Run Forrest, Ruuuuuuuun

New to the world of fitness, tired of paying hefty gym memberships or feel like you need to breathe in the wonderful outdoors while you workout? All these scenarios can be solved by the exceedingly refreshing idea of running!

Done with the right attitude and determination, running can be your personal escape from the clutter of your daily life and is also a wonderful means of workout to keep heart diseases, diabetes and strokes far at bay. Furthermore, running also contributes in terms of weight loss and mood regulation! You will be surprised at how mood lifting running can actually turn out to be. With the breeze in your hair, rain in your face, sun on your back, your heart pumping and the blood rushing, running is a quick fix to a lot of problems!

Here is the newbies guide to one of the freest and most effective forms of mental therapy.

  1. Get the right running shoes - Here is one important running for beginners tip: Pick the right equipment. Fortunately running does not entail the usage of any equipment, other than the right pair of shoes! More often than not, we tend to pick up whatever shoes are lying around at home and go running in them. The new runners guide explicitly demands getting the right shoes. Usage of shoes that are not suited to your feet can lead to injuries and this is where one of our most important running for beginner’s tips comes in! The correct way to go about this situation is to visit a shoe store where expert salespeople can assess your foot and running style and provide you with the appropriate shoes.

  2. Start slowIf you have not been exercising for a while, or active for that matter, it is better if you start slow. Every new runner’s guide should consist of this tip on running for beginners: Do not think running too much, too soon and too fast is the way to go! This running mistake is usually made by people who are new runners and it leads to injuries like runners knee. Hence, being an important point of information in our guide to running for beginners! It is essential that people who are new to the activity start off with a short walk, which increases to a jog and then a run. Throughout this process, the distance that is being run and the speed should both increase at a moderate and reasonable pace so that there is no additional stress on the body structure.

  3. Baby stepsAnother tip on running for beginners is to avoid taking long strides. This refers to taking longer strides than normal or landing on one’s heel in such a way that the foot is way ahead of the body’s center of gravity. Beginner runners tend to think that over striding increases the effectiveness and speed of their exercise when in fact it causes a loss of energy and may lead to injuries like shin splints.

  4. Keep hydrated - Most importantly, an incredibly common and highly dangerous mistake is when runners consume less fluid than the amount required. Of all the tips on running for beginners, this is probably the most beaten about one! People tend to underestimate the amount of fluids their body is losing and want to prevent side stitches hence taking in less fluid than required. This can lead to dehydration which is very harmful for the body. A runner needs to gauge the amount of fluid he is losing and regulate his intake accordingly. The average recommend amount is 500 to 700 millilitres of non-caffeinated liquid or water an hour before the run and 100 to 200 millilitres right before the run. Sports drinks like Gatorade are also recommended so as to replace the minerals lost during sweating.


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